Millennial Misconceptions of Insurance: Your First Home

There is a short list of goals that make up what is known as the “American Dream.” Within these goals one is particularly important to demonstrate your success, buying your first home. So what happens when that dream home, condominium, or town...

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Millennial Misconceptions of Insurance: Ridesharing

As of today I will no longer be using any ridesharing service. This decision isn’t a result of poor customer service, negative publicity, or that I was a passenger during an accident. The reason is simple; I refuse to continue to put these...

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Millennial Misconceptions of Insurance: Changing Your Thinking

To be honest, four years ago when I was beginning my freshman year of college the last industry I thought I was going to end up in was Insurance. While progressing through my college years, I heard of insurance internships and how my peers in...

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