The FBI Wants You To Reboot Your Router


Normally when you read something from the FBI you think of them going after organized crime or drug cartels. But a recent press release from the FBI are urging consumer and business owners to reboot their routers to prevent a Malware attack.

Recently, researchers at Talos, a cyber intelligence unit of Cisco, warned consumers and small businesses owners of malware that specifically targets networking devices. This malware known as VPNFilter impacts

The Daily Beast reported that VPNFilter was developed by a Russian hacking group called Fancy Bear. This malicious software will install itself in the router and can ease drop on the victim’s internet traffic.  Think of all that you do on your computer and now picture someone watching what you are doing.  It is that scary.

VPNFilter appears to target the following manufactures:






If you click on the links above you will be directed to the manufacturer’s public statements on how to remedy the situation.

The common response from the manufactures is to reset your router by turning it off, resetting it back to the manufacturer’s original setting or upgrade the firmware, setup up a new secure password for your router and disable any remote management settings.

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